An insight into KPA’s Read & Ride-A-Thon

This year…King’s Park Academy’s very own intrepid cyclists are undertaking the ride of their lives! Mr Jerrams, Mr Fox and Miss Heckford are tirelessly training, getting fit to take part in a 530 mile journey, travelling far and wide across the South Coast of England.

But why are they doing this I hear you ask?!

Here at King’s Park Academy, our passion is to read. Whether that’s reading horrifying historical narratives, comical comics, or fascinating fact books. However, we know that not everyone gets the opportunity to develop their love of reading. In fact, instead of reading, more and more children are sat in front of films, TV programmes, games and apps; libraries are becoming increasingly unpopular; and children’s enjoyment of reading is greatly diminishing.

If our children are watching films and programmes – or playing on games and apps – when do they have the opportunity to pick up a book? Or even go out into the fresh air and ride a bike?!

The Read & Ride-A-Thon is our way to try and promote reading and exercising in the Bournemouth and Poole area. We want our children to grow up loving reading as much as we did, and still do. We want our children to get out into nature and feel the wind in their hair as they run, cycle, scoot or even just take a walk in their local area.

Books are written to be devoured, loved, cherished and treasured by everyone – can you be the one to help us and make reading great again?




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