Another surprise guest!

chris jarvis

Not only have we peaked the interest of the one and only Mr Speaker, but now the Read & Ride-A-Thon team have sparked the interest of a performer, presenter, script writer, impressionist and actor! Mr Chris Jarvis came into KPA, talking about his illustrious career. You many know him from CBeebies and CBBC, as alongside Pui, he created and now presents ‘Show Me Show Me’. 

Would you like to know a fun fact? Have you ever noticed that almost all of the shows you see on CBeebies and CBBC are based on a story book! Chris explained that the love of books and reading is integral to all their shows! His favourite author – Roald Dahl – is also the inspiration behind the ‘Revolting Rhymes’, which can be found online. 

Chris hopes to inspire young children to get involved with acting, presenting and all things dramatic! Head to to find out more about how you can get involved! 

Thank you to Chris for inspiring young children to pick up a book, and instill the all important love of reading through your shows on CBeebies and CBBC!


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